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A&Y Dave in MD

Fyi, Mitutoyo has a solar powered version digital caliper, so no problem with batteries failing. I don't see value yet for the price($120+). I have $35 dial caliper that seems to work for me. I also have my Dad's machinist calipers, the kind that look like a compass from geometry, only with two metal points instead of pen nib or pencil tip, and they have threaded adjustment wheel between the arms.

A de-clutter expert quoted in a recent article to keep only those things, be they socks, dishes, or other household items, that "spark joy." Fine tools, and fine kits, like those offered by the resin kit manufacturers to which list members have directed me, have certainly sparked joy in my hobby recently.


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The PFM/Mititoyo HO Vernier calipers of old are extremely accurate and are of the highest Mititoyo quality.
Mine has seldom left my modeling hand since my good wife gave it to for Christmas 1958.

After some research several years ago, and receiving substantive advice that dial and digital calipers were virtually unrepairable, and after experiencing the loss of an unfixable high end metric dial caliper, I have since firmly stuck to the finest Vernier: high accuracy, no maintenance, longevity, and they are lovely pieces of fine workmanship. Mine are Helios (Germany), Mititoyo (Japan), and Brown &.......(Switzerland). I avoid the discounters' caliper offerings like the plague.

I have resisted the siren call of a high end digital such as recommended by Jack and Dennis because the risk of damage loss, and the bother of dealing with batteries exceeds the reliable slmplicity that a fine mechanical analog instrument offers for the work I do.


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