Re: Stripping commercial paint jobs Was easy off? stripping P2K cars

Pierre Oliver

I've had great success removing all kinds of paint jobs with Scalecoat's paint and decal remover.
And it seems very friendly to all kinds of plastics
Pierre Oliver
On 27/10/2014 4:18 PM, Benjamin Hom b.hom@... [STMFC] wrote:


Bob Heninger wrote:

"Although I have read about using Easy Off to strip models, I have also read that it can do funky things to the plastic. I have no personal experience using oven cleaner to remove paint from models."

As Mike Schleigh posted, the effective ingredient of oven cleaner is lye, and it is extremely effective. I've used it to cleanly strip models painted in thick coats of brushed-on enamels, but I also avoid leaving it on too long, use sealed containers during the soak time, and gloves, eye, and respiratory protection druing the final stages of paint removal.

Ben Hom

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