Tool Talk

Bill Welch

With the exception of the an accumulated one year of adult learning classes of various kinds over the years, mainly photography (wow, over 3 decades ago) and Adobe Creative Suite, all eight years of my post high school education and Professional work life has involved the humanities, religion, and journalism, and I loved it.

Now in retirement I can do something very different like talk about tools, mainly small ones, and it is a very nice change. It reminds me of my Photojournalism days because in addition to being very good at my craft (sorry to sound immodest) I was very much a gear head. Now in talking about tools, I feel like I am channeling my late Army Corps of Engineers father, who would have been in heaven with all the neat tools of today. I think I carry the problem-solving gene of an engineer. I also wish I had paid better attention in Math Classes.

Who knew talking about calipers could make me so reflective.

Bill Welch

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