Re: Stripping commercial paint jobs

Tim O'Connor

Years ago I bought large (11" tall) PETE jars (made for food storage,
bought in the homewares dept) and filled each with fluid -- Scalecoat's
remover, Chameleon, Brake Fluid, even Lacquer Thinner. I just drop the
parts or the car into the fluid and let it soak, usually covered with a
lid. I've never refilled the jars and they still all seem to work. Fine
clean up (blowing off tiny bits of paint) is done with the air brush (just
air) or with the grit blaster for stubborn stuff. PETE seems to be impervious
to everything -- and it's recycleable! :-)

Tim O

I've had great success removing all kinds of paint jobs with Scalecoat's paint and decal remover. And it seems very friendly to all kinds of plastics.

      I agree completely. And you can use it over and over, even as it gets discolored from previous use, though it does slow down some.

Tony Thompson  

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