Re: Stripping commercial paint jobs

Tim O'Connor

Scalecoat uses Xylene -- I think that's what smells. I don't think there's any
of that in brake fluid either. Remember hydraulic fluid is created from viscous
fluids -- alcohols are anything but viscous.

I can think of a test -- does brake fluid catch fire easily? Because alcohols
and xylene sure will!

To my nose, Scalecoat paint remover has always smelled similar to SAE 3 brake fluid, leading me to believe that the active components, whatever they are, are closely related.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Pierre Oliver wrote:

I've had great success removing all kinds of paint jobs with Scalecoat's paint and decal remover. And it seems very friendly to all kinds of plastics.

      I agree completely. And you can use it over and over, even as it gets discolored from previous use, though it does slow down some.

Tony Thompson  

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