Re: Traffic To Soft Drink Plants

Tim O'Connor


I don't know how bottling plants got carbon dioxide in the old days,
but the bottling plants around here get tank cars of liquid sugar (mostly
corn syrup) and liquified CO2. Coke was (is?) manufactured as a sweet syrup
and shipped to local bottlers and restaurants. My guess is that in the old
days the syrup was in barrels loaded into box cars. I'd sure like to know
how where they got the CO2. :-)

When I was a kid Coke always came in returnable bottles in wooden packs
that held 24 bottles. So my guess is that you'd only need enough new bottles
at the plant to replace broken and lost bottles.

Soft drinks were mostly a post-auto era phenom, so a lot of bottlers never
had rail connections.

Tim O'

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