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Armand Premo

    Clark,I have largely exhausted the need for styrene kits and RTR  freight cars and  am currently building mostly resin.In some cases one can select several different roads with these cars.With some, the decals that come with  some of these cars are pretty poor.Ted Culotta has some great sets albeit, somewhat limited in scope.I am seeking to build cars for several minor roads that are currently not being produced.Major roads are not the problem.I have been able to kit-bash or scratch build  cars to meet some of my perceived needs,but finding appropriate decals seems to be next to impossible.Armand Premo

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Armand, you need to adjust your thinking to the changing conditions in the hobby. There’s a guy that shows up to most the shows round here with a good selection of Micro Scale decals. I buy decals first, then look for a car to put them on.
Easy to strip the lettering off a RTR car with Scalecoat stripper, make a few appliance changes, paint and decal.
If you’ve had a stash of car kits for awhile and didn’t get decals at the time you purchased the kits, then shame on you...
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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