Re: Decal availability was: Re: Stripping commercial paint jobs

Thomas Baker

I thought that those who model in HO had no end of sources for decals, and indeed several sources still supply to the HO modelers. We who model in S scale face a challenge: With the exit of Tom Stolte, Greg Komar, and now Jerry Glow, all of whom were willing to produce decals in S, we are having a hard go of it. One manufacturer who produces decals informed me that he would certainly produce from his inventory for S but would require a modest order of 25 units. A bit over my pay grade. If producers of decals read this list and would be willing to offer their product in S without requiring a minimum order of 25, please contact me off list.

Clark,I have largely exhausted the need for styrene kits and RTR freight cars and am currently building mostly resin.In some cases one can select several different roads with these cars.With some, the decals that come with some of these cars are pretty poor.Ted Culotta has some great sets albeit, somewhat limited in scope.I am seeking to build cars for several minor roads that are currently not being produced.Major roads are not the problem.I have been able to kit-bash or scratch build cars to meet some of my perceived needs,but finding appropriate decals seems to be next to impossible.Armand Premo

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