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I guess another option is to climb on top the Oscar Mayer reefer that is reverting to a red swift car at IRM and look. Its on 53 or 54 track should anyone make the trip.
Mark Rickert
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Morning all.
Richard sent me a lovely colour photo of a slew of Swift reefers. I don't recall the location or the exact year. I believe it's early '50's
You can see the photo on my blog,
Pierre Oliver
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Oh where is Richard Hendrickson when we need him? Fortunately he still lives within my computer.

On Jan 22, 2014, Pierre Oliver asking about Swift’s 40’ steel reefer: Can someone tell what color the roof should be on this horizontal seamed steel reefer? Black or red?

And Richard responded: Mineral red, Pierre (not the same red as the sides and ends).  I have photo documentation I’ll send you off-list.

That answers the question about the 40’ horizontal seamed steel reefers. May not answer the question about Swift’s 36’ wood reefers. I agree with Mike (who wouldn’t after all, he has the keys to moderator jail) photo’s in Gene’s book do appear to show black roofs on some Swift reefers. While that could be soot from steam engines, it could also be faded black paint as it looks uniform across the entire roof, except where boards have been replaced. Is it possible that Swift painted some reefers with black roofs, then switched to the mineral red with later reefers? Pierre what documentation did Richard send you?

Fortunately I do not have any Swift reefers waiting on the work bench for the definitive answer, but I am of course curious.

Doug Harding

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