GM&O Hopper Cars

Lee Gautreaux

I have been trying to update my GM&O hopper car pages and I have a question. I have been able to identify every hopper car on the GM&O except a series of 50 ton, 32'-0" HM steel hoppers of 2145 ft3 capactiy numbered GM&O 82500-82539. They appeared in the ORER between 1959 and 1965. Here is the link to the hopper cars page:

GM&O Hopper Cars GM&O Hopper Cars 2-bay covered hoppers 3-bay covered hoppers wood chip hoppers 2-bay open hoppers 3-bay open hoppers Airslide hoppers Back to GM&O Freight Cars Page Back to Main Page

If anyone can help determine the history of these cars and even if they are 2-bay or 3-bay, I would appreciate it.

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat
Lee A. Gautreaux

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