Re: Red Swift reefers

Charles Peck

Not to mention that I might model a few months earlier before the replacement boards were added.
Or six years later when a couple more boards have rotted. 
Chuck Peck

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 12:15 PM, 'Mike Brock' brockm@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

Rich Yoder writes:

"Maybe I missed this along the way, but who built the cars for Swift?
Or did they lease their fleet of reefers? What I'm driving at is the need
for paint information from a creditable source."

But why? You seem to be suggesting that we start with a fresh paint job,
then "weather" it in various ways perhaps trying to duplicate the "weather"
process. In order to do this, it seems to me that you would need a final in the 2 color photos we've been discussing. I would also
note that the cars in question differ. That is, there is obviously a
combination of some kind of reddish brown and gray/black colored boards but
they vary with each car. I understand that the final photo product contains
errors but since vsariations exist in these final products, I would conclude
that accurate photo products would also vary. Since these cars and their
photos are to be viewed under very different light sources with different
amounts of light, the best we can do is get into a "ball park". Given all
that, I would suggest that modeling the final photo product will work as
well as trying to duplicate the weather process. In the end, no matter what
you do, you're still going to be dependent upon a photo....I think.

I least the cars have red sides.

Mike Brock

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