Conversion kits for SP 40' B-50-27 box cars

Andy Carlson

I have been offering HO SP 12 panel 40' box cars until recently when two of the components became temporary unavailable. I am now prepared to offer another HO Southern Pacific 40' undec box car component kit with enhancements.      

The SP B-50-27 was the last 6' door boxcar on the SP roster, and the first SP box car to feature the diagonal panel roof. This class also debuted the 3rd variant of improved Youngstown steel door, the 4/6/6 (the -25 and -26 cars used the 5/6/5 version). This door is made in gray Styrene by SouthWest Scale Models.     

I have 6 of these kits. Components include a complete Intermountain undecorated gray'37 AAR box car kit #40799. The roof, ends, doors and ladders from this donor kit are not used and are supplemented with 1) an Intermountain 40' diagonal panel roof; 2)  a pair of Intermountain "thin"R+3/4 improved dreadnaught ends (accurately having no poling pockets); 3) a pair of Southwest Scale Models 4/6/6 IY doors; 4) two sprues of 8-rung ladders which are supplied to replace the kit's wrong 7-rung ladders (Each sprue contains 2 8-rung ladders, so two sprues are included to get the necessary four ladders).  No paint, decals, couplers, trucks or metal running boards included.     I accept checks and money orders. For a small fee I also accept PayPal.     

I am selling these 2 enhanced kits for $28/each, 1st class air mail shipping included. If interested, please contact me OFF-LIST at     
Thanks, -Andy Carlson

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