Re: Accurail 4211 Erie SS boxcar w wood door

A&Y Dave in MD

Gouache wash for soot/grime, various powder pigments.

One concern is how to do it realistic with the metal framework cutting across horizontal siding. The Accurail exaggerated wood grain seems problematic and not good prep for most resin cars too.

I'd like to get five-ten year used look with appropriate wear, chalk graffiti, and perhaps board replacement effects without caricature look. A car built in twenties but now in early 30s.

I followed Tony's blog entries and recent MRH articles on weathering with interest. I have previously used oils and filters per the military modeler Mig Jimenez. Previously I used a version of Jim Six's spray rust brown with airbrush and remove most with cotton swab or sponge. I've yet to find a technique I can do well, even with practice. So I try another. My first dilute gouache attempt on Athearn yellow reefer came out decent, but heavy. Wondering if it will work better on BCR paint.

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I just finished a rework of an Accurail SS car. I’m curious Dave, what weathering techniques do you plan to try?
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