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I look at it very differently. I enjoy using nice tools which will do exactly the job needed and are a pleasure to work with. You can build benchwork with a handsaw and screwdriver but your joints will most likely be less than desired although they might still get the job done. If you like to be proud of the work you do and enjoy pushing yourself to always do your best, whether at work or in a hobby, the cost of a chop saw and electric drill will pay for themselves to build that benchwork.


I enjoy putting together resin freight cars and scratchbuilding. The cost of the tools that I buy is thus offset by the fact that I don't buy RTR freight cars or structure kits.


When I give clinics on tools for model builders, I like to point out that our tools are not expensive at all compared to other hobbies. I have a drill press that I love which now costs upward of $600. But it does exactly what I want and I've been using it for nearly 40 years. If my hobby was cooking, I'd spend that much on a mixer!


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What choices are other listers -critical about their tools- making in this regard?


What sources exist for the really-small (2”) fine files?


What types, sizes, and cuts of files would listers currently advise as a basic set, taking into account working on resin, styrene, and brass?  

(1)    I have always used this criteria  for tools.  If it's you business  and/or profession use the best tools available.  If it's for home owner work use Harbor Freight.  Model making is somewhere in the middle.  So if you do model making as a profession and/or a lot of it for the hobby use very good tools (if they are in your income range).  Otherwise Amazon is your friend.  Stuff from China is usually delivered in about a week or so.

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