Re: Swiss pattern & other fine files. Choosing the best for model-making.

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I believe in quality tools when they are versatile and/or the only one to work. I paid $600 for my chop saw and consider that a great investment. So much so I need fewer other tools. The same would be true for that duo sharp stone at $100 Jack recommends. I researched and found Jack's recommendation the only one to work for steam era freight car resin kits AND my chisels, knives, and other sharpening stones. Versatility and quality are worth waiting and saving for if the use will be regular and long term.

I've cleared out my toolbox of many cheap tools I hoped would be sufficient but ended up wasting time or space and creating.frustration by not getting the job done. Cleaner, lighter toolbox with less cluttered workbench has been making me happy. That's worth $ to me. But I don't make the mistake of assuming money always equals quality. I've seen "pros" use free scrap to make excellent tools and jigs.

I'm about to build about 30 resin kits I've accumulated and the stone looks to make that process more enjoyable and hopefully I'll have better results.

I have one good mill file and the color coded sanding "sticks" with ribbon paper, plus a set of flexible diamond files that seem all I need. Until Jack publishes his next column...sigh.

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the cost of a chop saw and electric drill will pay for themselves to build that benchwork.

    You can pay 20 or 200 for these saws and probably the same for drills.  I'm not talking about tool types but the cost of those types for the amount of usage.  I would hate to pay 50/100 for a diamond file I used twice.  But then I have always considered you a professional (grin)!


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