Was Great Northern Omaha Orange _ Now Tru Color matches

Greg Martin

Pierre Oliver Wrote:
Sent: Sat, Nov 8, 2014 3:13 pm
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Great Northern Omaha Orange

Well here's the thing for me with Tru-Color paints.
They currently list over 100 railroad specific colors. In the first 4-5 dozen I've looked at they use about 8 colors and relabel for various roads as required.
Their ATSF boxcar red and CNR boxcar red, to name 2 are far browner than what I'd expect to see.
But, as we all know it's all very subjective.
Pierre Oliver


With regards to Tru-Color's rendition of what they call ATSF BROWN which I presumed was supposed to represent Mineral Red/Brown.Like you, I found the color looked way to brown and I mixed it 50/50 with B&M Maroon to bring it back around. I is still browner that my IMWX ATSF BX-27.

Let me ask how you found it to spray. I tried a variation of air mixture and viscosity and was never really happy with the way it laid down. Once I finally found an agreeable "mix" and I will keep what I have but I am looking for a better solution, and I have found a couple colors I really like in another line of paint.

Okay Sheriff I'll go quietly... What's for diner Dog's Breakfast Stew?

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