Re: Great Northern Omaha Orange

Greg Martin

Try this color and the paint Gunze Paints Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color #7 Brown (the same guys that make MR. Surfacer ).  It is likely what you are looking for if you are looking for a true Iron Oxide Red. They use lacquer as a vehicle and it dries to a good luster ready for decals.
If you are looking for something a little less orange try TESTORS® RUST in the ¼ oz. bottles. This you will have to lay a coat of clear gloss over before you decal.  
I am looking for FLOQUIL alternatives and TRU-Color is way down on my list, I thing it is a fussy paint.  I have no time to fuss with hobby paint.
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Norman Maclean
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Anyone in the group have a good suggestion for a Floquil lacquer as an alternate to the Tru Color Lt. Oxide   Doesn't have to be exact.

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