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I was using "X29" to include all cars in the one design family. Clearly there were changes over time as with any design family, but among other things, the USRA designs had characteristic body bolster designs, and if I remember right, the USRA box car design had a 9" channel side sill, and the ARA/"X29" family had a 7" channel side sill. Railroads tended to choose one design or the other as a basis for their orders in the 1920s and early 1930s. The different side sills were compatible with different body bolsters and other crossmembers, and so on. RDG used the USRA designs as a starting point, but added some height and also used the end and roof construction more commonly associated with the classic X29. If you use an "X29" scale model as a stand in for a RDG car, you will have a different underframe, the side sill will be too light, and I believe the side sheets are layed out differently. CNJ had steel cars based on both the USRA and ARA designs. LNE's two orders were based on the ARA design.
RDG copied the USRA 46' mill gondola very closely for their 1920s orders. Some other railroads added height or length, but still retained many design elements.
Eric N.

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Are you guys saying that all of the below owners had box cars built to the PRR X29 designs of 1924 or 1928?
Or are you lumping the 1923 ARA design with the X29, because they look so much alike?

Red Caboose made 3 original carbodies for those 3 versions, plus one version with dreadnaught ends. And
I think they released either the 1924 or 1928 body with side sill patches, although all 3 prototype designs had
the same flaw (wet wood/metal corrosion)

Tim O'Connor

RDG certainly did not have any "X29" type cars. Theirs, like NYC, were derivative of the USRA design. The rivet pattern on the side sill is different and indicates a USRA type underframe. Confusion is understandable, as I believe some people associate flat ends with the "X29". However, not all cars with flat ends are "X29" type, and not all "X29" types have flat ends.
Eric N.

No Rock Island, but, besides PRR, NYC, B&O, and W&LE, also RDG, LNE, and CNJ.

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