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I built one a couple of years ago. It seemed to jump right at me to use the "scale" box. Parentheses for those who would point out that the box is not perfectly scale. Maybe my vision is/was better then?  Tongue in cheek!,
Joe Binish

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Last week I was building an Intermountain 1958 cu ft covered hopper kit I’d picked up at Naperville. I all at once I noticed there were no coupler covers. In a panic I emailed Gene Fusco at IM to see if he could bring a pair to Trainfest with him? He said they used the Kadee 78/178 coupler and half their coupler pocket. So, I emailed Sam Clarke at Kadee to make sure he’d have some with him. At Trainfest I thanked Gene for the quick response and picked up the couplers from Sam. Gene said that that car was unusual with that coupler arrangement and that he should probably mention that in the instructions...
Am I the only guy to ever build one of these kits? Or, just too stupid to figure out I needed a Kadee 178 coupler on my own?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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