Micro Mask

Charles Peck

I could use some pointers on using Microscale  Micro Mask.  I had in mind to use it to protect

already installed caboose windows.  To be cautious with a product new to me, I first tried it

on the side of an old tender. In one area I did a double coat and in another I did a single coat.

Then did a quick spray from a rattle can of primer.

Neither area seems to want to release from the base coat.  I tried a couple of different tapes and got

some partial pickup of the paint but not a clean peel off like I expected.  Somehow I had

thought this would be something like rubber cement but with a water base.  A clean easy peel off.

Do I need some sort of surface prep? Could the product get old?  Or just give up and start cutting

masking tape?

Any suggestions?

Chuck Peck

Gainesville FL

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