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Schleigh Mike

Other Acid Tank Car Uses---

     Delivering acid to tanneries found throughout much of the northeast.

     Paper mills needed acids and sent their waste acid off to other purposes.

     Many other metal preparation processes needed acid and produced it for others.  Zinc refining in eastern Pennsylvania is an example but surely others abound.


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Any chance we could get you to expand on the comment "literally dozens of users"?  There are no steel mills on my railroad; but I sure would like to have a reason to buy one or two of these new cars.


gary roe
quincy, illinois

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I am very excited that we are finally going to get an acid tank car. I have been waiting it seems forever to get a car like this. It is one of those cars you need even if you think you didn't; I have found literally dozens of users I didn't know about.

One of the widespread uses for these was shipping hydrochloric and sulfuric acids used in pickling or etching foundry and steel mill plants products, as well as things like sheet stock. When semi-finished or finished steel was sent out of the plant, it generally went through an acid bath to make further treatment more effective, to give "teeth" to treatment products, or simply to give it more environmental resistance.

I shared a love of tank cars with Richard Hendrickson, and we swapped info and photos on a number of the less well-known classes, like these. This is one we both wanted to see at some point, and now we got one; and it is a beauty. I have been drooling over the various schemes being offered.

Elden Gatwood

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