Re: FW: Tangent Scale Models Acid Tank Car (UNCLASSIFIED)

Tom Madden

Elden enthused:

> I am very excited that we are finally going to get an acid tank car.

"An" acid tank car???? If you're merely excited about Tangent's neat post-1950 welded acid tank, you'll probably wet your pants at the thought of a bunch of pre-1950 riveted ones. Perhaps you missed Frank Hodina's pilot model of a 7000 gal.riveted acid tank at Lisle and in Dick Bale's New Products section of the September MODEL RAILROAD HOBBYIST. Resin kits, two tank sizes (7K and 8K), two frame lengths, three different dome styles.

These will be offered by Frank's new company, Resin Car Works. Disclosure - I'm doing the casting for these.

Tom Madden

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