Re: Even Colored Car Roofs

Tim O'Connor

Richard modeled 1947. I model 11-20 years after that time period. A lot
of stuff changed. But as I said, modelers often exaggerate the effect. You
should see the damage that "modern" modelers do to their equipment -- I've
seen models of 5 year old cars that look like they spent 40 years alternating
between rain forest and desert, attacked by legions of graffiti artists. :-)

But a sample size of 10 tells no story at all, if you're looking to extrapolate.

Tim O'Connor

     As I said, Tim, Richard and I, on the basis of LOTS of photos, concluded what Arved concluded. Richard was, as you know, a most meticulous follower of prototype photos (the main reason he collected so many, more than 30,000). When attaching route cards on some of his models, he bent them slightly so that they do not lay flat on the route card board -- something you see in some photos. But he only represented roof paint failure, and that lightly, on a FEW of his more than 200 completed freight cars.
      You are right, 10 cars is too small a sample to mean much. But I believe your implication, that this sample tells the wrong story, is simply incorrect.

Tony Thompson 

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