Re: Help with P2k UTLX Tank Car?

Steve and Barb Hile

I know that Richard Hendrickson consulted with Life Like on their Proto 2000 tank cars, so I would be somewhat confident about the numbering and lettering.  But…


The car would definitely not be an X-3.  That was the UTLX design.  On the end, where X-3 is, it should be a letter Z.  That was UTLX’s designation for cars that were not its own design.  (XM is, of course, a boxcar.)


The other problem is that cars in the 60000 series were, generally, insulated.  So, according to a 1952 listing of UTLX cars, which Richard provided to me, years ago


60350 was a class Z car with a 10000 gallon capacity, but it was also insulated, which the P2k car is not.


I hope that this is useful information.



Steve Hile


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I recently purchased an older Life-Like P2000 kit for an ACF Type 21, 10kgal car.  It is pre-lettered as UTLX 60350.  The number seems quite plausible based on the 1930 and 1935 OEREs, and on Union's propensity for buying up other fleets in that time-frame.

What surprised me is that "X-3" is stenciled on both ends.  I was under the impression that UTLX would have only have put this on their unique cars of that designation.  But, my general impression has also been that the P2000 cars are assiduously researched.

Can anybody help?  Should I paint out the "X-3" (or perhaps convert it to XM)?

Thanks in advance.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA


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