Re: we all know hoppers dont travel right?

Armand Premo

While a movie of a single train,on a given day may be of some value.There are too many variables involved  in detemining such things as car count or regular consists.This has been discussed before on this list.Let us think of some of the variables:A specific train during different time of the year,Other trains on the same road may vary widely from the train previously mentioned by our esteem leader.Wheel reports and company records would be much more valuable in determ[ing  the cars a typical train.Unless you plan to run the same cars over and over.Armand Premo Fire away

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Dave Evans writes:

"I expect this is era dependent, but through WWII, film photography was not
an inexpensive hobby, and one would expect photographers to be biased to use
their limited supply of film on the unusual, not the usual."

Others have voiced this point and it probably has some
validity...particularly with a photo of a single car. OTOH, we
modeler/historians are blessed because NBC [ I think ] produced a movie for
TV [ can't recall the title ] involving a UP engineer favoring steam power
and his son who thought diesels [ ugh ] were better. As might be expected,
the film producer filmed entire trains rolling by the photographer [
unfortunately in black and white ] which means the film they shot includes
every car in 100+ long trains. The footage is in The Big Boy Collection bt

Mike Brock

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