NKP heavy duty, 4-truck flat car 290 or 2904


A picture of NKP heavy duty, 4-truck, flat car 290 (or perhaps 290?) on page 30 of Ry Age, March 21, 1955, prompts some questions.

The car,  built 7-54 using a GSC cast underframe and Buckeye truck side frames, has a load limit in excess of 500,000 pounds.  I can't read the other information.

The point of interest for me is the car has a horizontal wheel, drop-shaft hand brake at each end.

My Feb 1961 ORER lists no 3-digit NKP flat cars but does list 5 NKP flat cars 2900-2904, of which only 2904 has a capacity of 500,000 pounds, leading me to suppose that the final digit is obscured by a stake pocket or something.  The car appears to be rather short and the outside length of NKP 2904 is 45 feet, 4 inches which seems about right.

Is there among us an NKP aficionado who can answer the following questions from equipment diagrams or other primary sources?  (I am not interested in anyone's suppositions.)

What make and model of hand brake is applied to this car?

Does each hand brake only operate the immediately adjacent truck's brake, operate  a pair of truck's brakes, or does either hand brake operate all brakes a la a caboose?

Gene Green

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