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At the risk of sounding negative, this is one of those projects that everyone thinks would be nice, but no one will ever put sufficient time or commitment into. However, the practical side of this seems rather simple. Assuming that there are no graphics involved, all that is needed is to paste messages into as little as one file in an efficient, universal file format such as text or rich text. The latter allows selecting fonts, sizes, color, and tabbed tables. The message order is not terribly important as the file would be readily searchable, especially if key words or phrases are inserted ahead of each message. I'd guess the total size would not exceed 10MB which is easy enough to have on a website. If the collection is ever compiled, I'd be willing to put it on my site, and so would others I imagine. That part would take less than an hour and it would cost anyone with an existing site virtually nothing.
Eric N.

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No Rob, you are not alone in this. I suspect far the opposite. 

      I would also be willing to contribute some personal e-mails that Richard sent in answer to questions I sent him off line of the STMFC.

     It has been an idea that I have been mulling around for some time (a central repository for Richard's collective wisdom). I am glad Rob bought it up.


      I agree with Rob and I would be happy to write out a check also, my first choice would be to Richard's survivors.


   If someone could set this up as a non-profit so that the check could be listed as a donation (and yes after volunteering for about 30+ years now I know what I am asking), I and I suspect some others could increase the donation amount considerably.


    However again, the central idea of searchable repository for Richard's shared wisdom seems to be fitting. What a shame that this all could be lost.


Jim Dick - St. Paul









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