Re: we all know hoppers dont travel right?


A few additions:
The CB&Q's main coal line was in southern IL, the BNSF still halls coal on this line today.

L&N delivered much of there west Kentucky coal to the IC at Ashley IL, which ended when they took over the C&EI
The railroad is just south of the border but you might want to check out the mix on the South shore line (CSS) since most of the railroad is within 20 miles of your area of interest you can get a good idea of what is there and easer to sort though casually than NYC pictures which could be anywhere.
For full disclosure our family's coal yard in Chicago sold Orient coal (from southern IL) and "Reading Anthracite" was our hard coal and our business was residential.

Mark Rickert

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Monon, C&EI, Wabash and IC basically handled coal from southern Illinois,
CB&Q, and MP carried coal from deposits in the central states.

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