Re: Bail me out guys! - NP 40' Paint Scheme errors

Richard Townsend

I'd go with option 6: very heavy weathering.

"Steve Haas" <Goatfisher2@...> wrote:


Thanks to a mistake on my part (mis-reading some technical data) I've
painted the roof and ends of a couple of kits that should have been left the
same color as the kit sides. The kits in question are:

IMWX NP 16277 from series 16000 through 17499 blt 5-41, and

Red Caboose NP 15034 from series 15000 through 15999 blt 4-40.

1) Any chance that by 1953-55 these cars would have been repainted with
black ends and roofs? �I doubt it, but I have to ask.

2) Are there other number series that these kits would be correct for as
I've painted them? �Re-numbering would be easier than the options that

3) I could repaint the ends and roofs. A bit of a masking challenge, as the
kits are already partially assembled, but certainly not impossible. �Anybody
have a paint recommendation to match (or at least come close) to the paint
on the models as delivered by IMWX and Red Caboose?

4) I could strip and repaint the roof and ends - the roofs are still loose
but the ends are attached (in fact, integral to the body on these kits).
Any ideas on how to do a partial strip? �Any body out there with a sand
blaster want to take on the challenge?

5) I could completely strip and repaint.

Anybody got any ideas or recommendations on how to proceed? �Depending on
the option I decide on I could use the following info:

a) Best available paint to match the kits as painted by IMWX and Red Caboose
(Options 3 and 4)?

b) Best available paint to match the NP cars as painted when built (Option

c) Recommended decal set(s) for renumbering or completely repainting these
cars(options 2,3,4, and 5)?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Sammamish, WA

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