Re: Semi Scale Wheelsets

Bernd Schroeder

I use almost exclusively Reboxx which are not available in bulk. Most lengths/sizes are available at MB Klein which is a great advantage for those of us here outside the US.

My past experiences with wheelsets by IM or Exactrail (in bulk) were not as good.

Bernd Schroeder
Adelsdorf, Germany
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"rob.mclear3@... [STMFC]" schrieb:

Hi to all and apologies for the cross postings but I am wondering those of you who use semi scale wheelsets whose do you use.  I would be interested to know which ones are considered to be better and if you can purchase them in bulk.   Any help would be appreciated as I am changing over to these for the sake of appearance and would like to buy in bulk I have about 200 freight cars to change over.


Rob McLear


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