Re: RPM etc Display Table Height?

Charles Hladik

    Don't forget that the "risers" need to be stored. Run a length of rope through them and tie them to the table. If renting tables tie a bunch together so they don't get lost.
Chuck Hladik
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Not to hijack this thread however...


I as a middle aged person have come to appreciate raised display tables.


     Also - I do not believe the future of our hobby lies with the little tykes. Don't get me wrong, my wife and I purchase books and T shirts of a railroad nature for both our nieces and nephews in order to indoctrinate them whenever we can.


     However, after keeping a close eye on attendance numbers of children and even teenagers, studying parents and children at a distance  both at at some conventions I have chaired, and over the last 15 years at meets, I have come to think that unless a parent is very heavily involved in the hobby, any younger ones will be drawn off to Angry Birds and later perhaps the other games like we see advertised on these pages.


     I think - and this is only my opinion, the ones the hobby (and we) should be looking to are the thirty somethings whose lives have started to settle in some manner and are looking for a reason to get involved in society beyond where they were prior.


     And if you accept that premise, raising the tables is the right thing to do.


     Raising the tables may force the parents to lift them, however at the recent MilwaukeeTrainfest I observed more than one small child carting his own stepstool or ladder around. And their seemingly boundless energy did not seem to be affected by carrying it.


     So to bring this around, I would petition that these table riser pipes be figured as a one time expense and then you have them. That is what my historical society did years ago. An extra dollar on the gate should cover this.

    Also, I feel that - the people who are kind enough to bring and display models - feel more comfortable and secure with the models being raised up. The dollar amount on one table of diplays can be considerable. 


 And again - as Schuyler stated, it is easier for the majority of the attendees to see the detail and appreciate the work involved.   


Jim Dick - Roseville, MN

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Spen Kellogg wrote, regarding table height at shows and suggesting that the extensions to raise the tables are not really needed:


The other added advantage is that little kids can see a whole lot better.


Yup, sure can.  They can REACH them a lot more easily too.  And the parents (if they’re there) seldom  say more than “Johnny, please don’t touch that.”


Most of the meets where models are displayed as they are at Cocoa or Naperville are predominantly adult attendees, many of whom are getting “old.”  Old folks don’t much like bending down to see the models, and once seated, may not be anxious to rise and move along.




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