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O Fenton Wells

Bill I hope this helps. I haven't built mine yet so I will wait for your


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I am trying to wrap up an article about building Sunshine kits of
TN&O B50-13 & B50-15 SS boxcars w/Allen Doors for Speedwitch's Vol. 3
modeling journal—kits #17.20 and 38.9 respectively. I have access to the
Sunshine Flyers but not the PDS for either. I am curious if either PDS had
more info about the Allen doors them selves than is on the Flyers? I am
also curious to know from those that have a good collection of Car Builders
Cyc or Railroad Mechanical Engineer if any articles or advertisements about
these unique doors ever appeared in either publication. If so a copy would
be appreciated for research.

Thank you!

Bill Welch

Fenton Wells
5 Newberry Lane
Pinehurst NC 28374

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