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Charles Hladik

    If you got the local NMRA Division to co-sponsor the event you might qualify for the insurance, which I think runs $50.00.
    Here in Central Virginia we have more trouble with the "adults" messing with stuff than the kids. Even with a "barricade rope" at 3 feet away they still insist on looking with their hands. These are mostly college grads. In contrast, we used to do a show in the Ronceverte, West Virginia Armory. At that show we would start trains running on Saturday morning and could (did) walk downtown to the street fair and not a thing was touched. We didn't even put up a rope. A lot better upbringing.
Chuck Hladik

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Perhaps we should divide all the RPM Meets into two categories: High Table Meets, and Low Table Meets. We could call the meets "High-T" or "Low-T".  

"High-T" = No risk of Kids Messing with your Stuff (generally because no one under 40 is present)

"Low-T" = High risk of Kids Messing with your Stuff 

St. Louis, for example, would be a "Low-T" meet.  Unfortunately we have plenty of under-40 modelers in attendance which increases the risk of damage exponentially. Our youngest modeler--and he actu ally is a modeler, and paints and decals his own models per prototype photos--is 8 years old.  We even allow "kids" under 13 to get in FREE with a paid adult admission.  

Ironically...even though this is a Low-T/High Risk event we had 40 tables for models in 2014 and it wasn't enough. 

And...we've never had a single reported problem with all those pesky kids touching models.  Nevertheless, I'll spend $400-$500 on PVC pipe to reduce the risk, which also means I have to rent linen tables covers at $10/each to hide all that nastiness under the tables.  That's another $400-$500. 

I'll continue to pa y for the 100 chairs and the $1M insurance policy (no kidding) to ensure your safety and convenience.

Disclaimer: Due to unforeseen expenses the admission at St. Louis just went up from $25 to $50.  See you on Aug 7 and 8, 2015.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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