Re: RPM etc Display Table Height?

Gerry Fitzgerald

Hi John,

I like the high table/low table approach and think it is a great way to go. If people can travel long distances with modules to various meets than many will hopefully also be able to bring along some PVC pipe!! I also assume this would be something that can brought along on a commercial aircraft with proper planning.

To be honest I think asking guys to bring four pieces of PVC pipe cut to whatever length is fine and certainly very reasonable. In fact as I recall, this is what the RPM movement is supposed to be about. People just sort of chipping in, showing up, and trying to be helpful, sharing their work and approaches and learning from others at the same time. You paid a fee because venues are not free and if the ticket price was high or higher… all the better as it kept the free doughnut/non-modeling/ always complaining guys at home. RPM was supposed to be about the models and learning about how to be a craftsman, not being in charge or wearing a stupid hat or vest.

I think asking guys to bring long their own pipe is fine and if they want to bring cloth and velcro they can do that too. If they bring their own pipe, perhaps they get a better spot in the hall. Perhaps you and your fellow St. Louis guys could put up a diagram with the lengths and where to put the cap for the table and people will follow through.


Gerard J. Fitzgerald

Charlottesville, Virginia

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