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I can begin by ruling out General Steel as nothing like it is in their application list. The 1940 annual RA order summary shows one promising car built by Greenville for Carnegie-Illinois Steel. My GSC list has CISX 500 O.O. 308. The light weight matches, so this is probably the same car. Railway Age suggests the car was built for ingot mould. That must have made a big ingot!
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Over on the Kalmbach forum, there's discussion about the identity of a car in a photograph:

I get the car having 4 6-wheel Buckeye trucks.  Capacity is 500,000 pounds.  And build date is February 1941.

Does anyone know what the reporting marks might be?  I can't find anything anywhere near the numbers above.

The big thingy is JUMBO.  It was designed to contain a non-critical detonation of a plutonium bomb.  And it weighed a lot.

Here is perhaps a better copy of the photo:



Edward Sutorik

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