Re: Prototype fidelity

Andy Carlson

Ask Tony about Richard Hendrickson's reaction to the CB&Q's society similar destroying their assumed crown of all-knowing expertise by passing off inappropriate cars for a society offering. Our Richard was heaped a lot of scorn from self-righteous "defenders" of the indefensible. Richard, of course, took it well.

The first Naperville following this, I saw the Q's Bat Masterson visiting with Richard amicably, prompting me to do my best (Could be argued) Rogers and Hammerstein "Oh the farmer and the cowboy should be friends". Richard laughed, as he was one of a few who understood some of my humor, Bat was puzzled.

Anyhow, they both survived as friends, which illustrates yet another of Richard's fine traits.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

From: " [STMFC]"
Now that I’ve rambled on let me get to the reason for this post. How many group members trust what an historical society offers to be reasonably prototypical? I feel the average Joe modeler does.
I was given the opportunity to see a photo of the next cars being offered by the CNWHS at their annual convention next spring. They have chosen to have Accurail do two CGW box cars for them. One is a one only 40’ 8’ door PS1 with a SL badge. The Accurail model’s a fair choice. The second car is a 40’ 6’ door PS1 with DF badge. Does Accurail offer a PS1 with a 6’ door? No. So guess what carbody they put the paint job on? Their 3500 series AAR box car! A completely wrong car! This convention is a joint convention with the UP society. So they reweighed one of the cars with the reweigh station symbol of UP.
To me this is worst than the Atlas tank car goof...They are abusing the modeler’s trust, or showing them little if any respect.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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