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Andy Carlson

As a great admirer and friend of the late Jack Parker, I have a little more to add to the decision as to why the car was built over width. Jack told me that he felt that there was not enough room for the trucks to swivel on a 12" radius track, so his decision to built the car wide was to aid the tangent-challenged modellers.

Jack was a fine scale modeler, and reflecting on his decision to go wide he admitted it had been a mistake. Though freight cars were low on his list of priorities (Look how many Athearn BB box cars show in his pictures of his NP freight trains) he could go deep-end when it suited him. He had quite a few brass steam locomotives, many with 63 inch drivers which appearances bothered Jack. He simply machined 3 or 4 driver centers in Acrylic at 4 X size, followed by pantographing the shape into a hard aluminum mold. After injection molding styrene HO copies, he had them investment cast into brass. He made his own steel driver tires and later ALL of his steam engines had satisfactory drivers! He and Terry Wegmann were friends, and I felt I was in the presence of greatness when around those two great guys.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Thanks. That raises a question. If I go to the trouble of narrowing the cars, will they look worse because of the oversize trucks? I can't do much about them.

Alex Schneider

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