Re: Dowell vs Dow Chemical?

Ian Cranstone

On 2014-11-22, at 4:02 AM, Tim O'Connor timboconnor@... [STMFC] wrote:

Two acid tank cars, consecutively numbered, one lettered for
Dow Chemical in Midland Michigan and the other for Dowell?? Was
this the origin of the Dow name or just a weird coincidence?

I can't make out the gallonage on either car. Anyone know?

After sleuthing through ORERs, I believe DOWX 8370 became DOWX 38328 in late 1939 or early 1940.

DOWX 8371 disappeared from the roster in late 1937 or early 1938, prior to the renumbering of the fleet -- my guess would be that Dowell was spun off to another outfit at this time (apparently under a new name), although the car could possibly have been wrecked.

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