Re: Prototype fidelity

Douglas Harding

And a lot has to do with who sits on the deciding board of the Historical Society. One of the struggles with the CNWHS, the one cited by Clark, is the board was mostly former employees and/or railfans, but not modelers, and certainly not prototype modelers. If a car was lettered for their favorite road it was ok, even if was an Athearn bluebox car. And remember when many HS got started, the Athearn bluebox was about the only car they could get custom lettered. So the powers that be keep going back to the same supplier, asking what have to you got that we can letter for ….


Fortunately we have companies and individuals who are willing to come as close as they can with a prototypically correct freight car. For example the Cudahy meat reefer that Don Valentine, via his NERS, had Atlas run using their 36’ wood meat reefer. I just got mine today and compared it to the photo Don used. It looks excellent, considering he used an off the shelf model. Atlas claims their meat reefer is based upon a Cudahy car, and the model is very, very close. Most will be very pleased. Those who aren’t may want to stick with scratch building.


Doug Harding


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