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Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

Actually, I'm not boggled at all. After four years of BRHS membership, I
fully understand the limitations of society leadership and the proclivities
of the membership. The BRHS is predominantly made up of retired railroaders
and railroad historians. While there are modelers among the ranks, few are
true prototype modelers. Most of the societies modelers are perfectly happy
with Accurail.

I give the society credit for some excellent Burlington Bulletins over the
years, but the publication schedule has sagged in recent years to the point
where I'm beginning to wonder about the value of continued membership.

The bottom line is, 'Knowledge is power', and whoever said that was
certainly right when it comes to historical society or society affiliated
model releases.

Nelson Moyer

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Boggles the mind to think any society would issue a bogus car. Caveat

Michael Gross <> <>

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