Re: Dowell vs Dow Chemical? and MKT express boxcars.

Tom Palmer

Hi Larry,

                It is Schlumberger. The Dowell group still exists and is partially located at Schlumberger’s Sugar Land Texas campus. I know this because I work for Schlumberger and have friends who work in the Dowell group. I design drilling tools for another engineering group.

                Answering Tom Baker’s question on MKT express boxcars they had Murphy rectangular panel roofs. Starting in October of 1949 the cars were repainted Pullman green with dulux gold lettering. By January 1950 all cars in express service were repainted. The cars that were transferred to freight service remained Sloan yellow with the express markings painted over and extra passenger connections blanked out.


Best regards to all,

Tom Palmer

Stafford, Texas

Modeling the Katy in central Texas in the year 1952



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I worked for Dowell from June, 1973 until April, 1976, before I went to work for the Santa Fe Ry.  The full name of the company was Dowell Division of Dow Chemical.  The headquarters was in Midland, MI at that time.  Dowell was later taken over by Slumberger, a French-American joint venture, IIRC, in the oil patch.  Dowell got its start after Dow management realized the potential for improving the output of oil/gas wells after acidizing some of Dow’s brine wells and noting the output improvements.

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