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Paul Hillman

Thanks for the link to Micro-Scale.
While on their page I was looking at their adhesives. Could you help explain the meaning of their description for their MB-52 ? (highlighted in red & underlined - below)

MB-52 MicroBond Thin - Great for "Gap filling" projects. MicroBond is an advanced adhesive and industrial strength. MicroBond has shear strength and will stand up to assorted expansion/contraction properties of different material.
Will bond to rubber, ass

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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Clark Propst asked:
"My question about the NP stock car is, once I’ve spent the money for the
correct width ends and narrowed the roof and underframe can I get decals now
that Champ in gone?"

Microscale 87-1399.

...or you can still find the Champ decals on the secondary market.

Ben Hom

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