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The Central of Georgia Railway and the Georgia Railroad were two different companies. The CofG is now part of present day Norfolk Southern, while the GARR is now part of CSX.

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What does this have to do with the Ga RR cars?  The C of G got two separate lots of PS-1's with 9' doors in 54' and 56'
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This seemed somewhat germane.

The Central of Georgia has ordered 500 50-ft, 9-ft-door box cars from Pullman-Standard, for anticipated delivery in March 1956, at an estimated cost of nearly $3.5 million. The cars will be painted with the aluminum oval design, on a black background, developed for the 500 box cars which the CofG purchased from Pullman last year.  Copied from the August 8, 1955, RAILWAY AGE, page 12.

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