Re: Prototype fidelity

Greg Martin

Dave Evans writes in part:

"Really guys?
If a car is too foobie for you - don't buy it."
Dave's right we are a FELOWSHIP and we need to support our Historical Societies whenever we can by whatever means we can.
The sad reality is that most modelers are far more concerned about their locomotive fleets than their freight car fleets with the possible exception of signature cars. They can tell you every phase of a locomotive and it's respective differences, the oddities, the paint schemes and love to debate the color a locomotive builder chose to paint it, mostly making reference to DuPont colors when likely Rinshed Mason was the body color. They spend hundreds on their locomotives while they ignore the most basic details on their fright cars. They spend countless hours detailing them to the neath degree. MY My...  
We are a small group and we do our best to properly inform others of what we know. We are a vocal group and we speak out when we know things are wrong. We should/shall continue to apply what we know to help make well informed decisions based on our research (I dare say expertise) when we have the opportunity. If there is someone who wishes to put (as Ben Hom would remind me) "lipstick on a pig" then perhaps we can at least make sure that it is the correct shade and applied correctly. If there is a profit in the end for the, in this case, the society then so be it. Is it a foobie, perhaps? It should be our job to remind the fellowship that it is, but perhaps in a way that it doesn't disturb the intent of the project itself.  Should we strive to do it as accurately as possible, sure no one here would deny that. If there are budgets involved and compromises occur than as Dave says don't buy it unless you wish to support the effort for the sake of the effort.
As they say, "let the man without stones cast the first sins..."
Greg Martin   
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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