Re: Prototype Fidelity - Part 2

A&Y Dave in MD

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So....does a HS only print "perfect" modeling articles and alienate modelers by appearing to exclude their interests and work or should inaccurate article be published with some kind of "good enough" logic? Should the question be dodged (basically what SRHA has been doing) by not running modeling articles at all? People that read the commerci! al modeling magazines probably recognize that the models it discusses are not always perfect. Should modeling articles be left to them?
That is a false dilemma. Publishing a modeling article that provides accurate prototype information and clearly delineated the compromises a modeler must or chooses to make promotes interest AND facts. The problem articles you cite failed because they did not have accurate pro type information and were not edited or vetted properly.

A sidebar in article with historical commentary or documentation of the models compromises would be welcomed with open arms by members of this list.

Instead of a barrier to publication, consider it an opportunity for education and collaboration.

Dave Bott

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