Re: Prototype fidelity


Dave Evans, 
A well thought out reply.  It definitely gave me pause, and I agree with 99.9%.  The only comment I have is in the case of false advertising.  That is a concern, and will hurt a society.  As an active member in both the Amarillo Railroad Museum and the Missouri Pacific Historical Society, and involved with sales in both organizations, I understand many of the problems we face with funding.  We do need to make sure we don't bite the hand that feeds us, but unfortunately, it is rather easy to bare one's teeth (i. e. complain) when there are no repercussions to be had.  One's attitude changes when you have a balance sheet for which you are responsible.  Again, as long as any product is well described and not misleading, I am all for an historical society selling anything it wants, STMFC-member approval or no.
Jerry Michels

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