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True, although historical societies can (and have in my case) found additional photos originally unknown to the author. It works both ways. What is important is trying and asking with open minds. I got more permissions to use photos for an article in an historical publication than I did for my web site. More people fear loss of control with info on the web versus in a formally published medium like a magazine.


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But a good modeler may not be in a position to grant you rights to publish the images he referred to.

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I should also add that I want pictures of the prototype
as well.  Not just written history.  A good modeler will
be able to supply something like that, because he/she
probably uses photos as reference material when building the
model.  There have been a
few who asked whether we have a library of photos.  We
don't.  I'm not sitting in the middle of an archive
when editing; I'm at home sitting with my own PC.
Jim Hunter

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