Re: Prototype fidelity

Clark Propst

One last email...
I was talking to a fella on the phone yesterday that has been involved with society model projects. He said their most successful model might have been the one developed by Gene Green. Mainly because it crossed over to the modeling community as a whole rather than to just the guys within the society that would buy a block of wood with the railroad’s logo stamped on it. His words not mine.
Not sure if I was mistaken in my original remarks or not, but to clarify. I was not bashing Accurail. If a society has their heart set on a PS1 than they should probably look elsewhere. (unless they want one with an 8’ Youngstown door) If they like working with Accurail they should choose paint scheme that more closely matches something from their catalog.
I’m done now  ;  ))
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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