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Armand Premo

    Might as well chime in here.I would like to see more quad and trple hoppers as well as an ERDX reefer.Some of the lesser roads have not been touched either.Thanks to TLT,many of the missing and correctly executed Canadian cars.are now available.They have set a new standard for accuracy.I also wish that Kadee would do the Pullman Standard gon.Armand Premo

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    >>> ... what cars a manufacturer has the best chance of selling.

 > Santa Fe has a couple of niche cars that might sell as well

Methinks steam/transition era modelers are running out of prototypes that were in
wide deployment, that have not yet been produced in HO scale! Is that an accurate

We're definitely missing one very important "niche" car -- the UTLX X-3 tank cars! IMO that is.

Post-1960 modelers on the other hand can cite dozens of cars for which there are either
only very poor models, or no models at all. Yet manufacturers keep cranking out oddball
"signature" cars in plastic that really confounds me, unless what sells is cars that are so
obviously different than other cars that the non-RPM buyers will snap them up just to jazz
up their freight trains. Sheer speculation on my part.

The other day I made an overview examination of Ebay HO auctions -- Some notes:

1. The number of Ebay HO auctions has tripled (over 50,000 currently) from 5-6 years ago.
    For many years (about 10) the number was steadily at 18,000-20,000. And if you look at
    the "Buy It Now" stuff (I generally don't bother) the number is astounding -- 195,000+

2. Thousands of freight car auctions receive no bids at all. It's especially easy to find unsold
    auctions of "custom decorated" cars from Bev Bel and many other decorators. Evidently
    not many people are interested in this stuff anymore. Has everyone gone over to the RPM side?
    Or is everyone just broke or doesn't need any more "stuff"?

3. Not all brass sells well, but some brass holds up very well. But in general prices are down 20-30%
    compared to 10 years ago, with some exceptions: Overald brass truss bridges sell for a premium.
    I saw an Overland UP "coal turbine" that sold for $5,000! Well painted, older high quality brass freight
    cars sell at very good (higher than MSRP) prices -- regardless of the accuracy of the paint jobs.
    Brass passenger cars of all brands except W&R have been murdered by the relentless onslaught of
    Walthers cars. (Walthers hasn't done any NP trains yet.) I'm watching a Wasatch passenger car
    auction that is at $50 now -- less than the price of a Walthers plastic model.

4. Slides and negatives (especially freight cars!) seem to sell for big money if they are of high quality
    and rare (hard to find). I don't know WHY since no one is painting or decaling any more! :-)

I sure wouldn't want to be in the HO scale freight car business now. I really appreciate Tangent and
the other manufacturers who continue to bring out excellent new products. And Microscale has been
continuing to crank out new sets, bless them.

Tim O'Connor

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