Re: Up dating a roster was: Prototype fidelity

Ian Cranstone

On 2014-11-26, at 1:15 AM, Tim O'Connor timboconnor@... [STMFC] wrote:

Methinks steam/transition era modelers are running out of prototypes that were in
wide deployment, that have not yet been produced in HO scale! Is that an accurate

We're definitely missing one very important "niche" car -- the UTLX X-3 tank cars! IMO that is.

Wow, I'm surprised you can't think of more Tim!

Definitely no arguments about the X-3, but I can think of a few others… and understand that I have a bias towards cars significant in Canadian service.

How about variants of the GATC radial course ARA-III built in large numbers circa 1917 onwards in both 8K and 10K versions (not to mention later GATC designs).  Many came north from the 1930s onwards to serve with Canadian General Transit.  I'd buy those in numbers, along with the X-3.

Again a Canadian car, the ubiquitous Hart Gondola, built from the 1920s through the 1950s for all major Canadian roads (probably best pitched to TLT or Rapido).  Or for that matter a GS gondola, again very common in Canadian service, so we can stop kitbashing the ancient Ulrich cars (I know, Red Caboose, but they're a more modern design).

Perhaps a Western 30 cu. yd. air dump?

I know some of these are/have been available in brass or resin, but I don't regard those models as being exceptionally useful when you're talking about fleet cars which appear on the prototype in serious numbers and groups.

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